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High quality, bespoke training, exceeding your expectations!

CAME BPT Bespoke training packages are simply that – bespoke. Training course content designed BY YOU, FOR YOU, taught by our professional training experts. You tell us what you want to learn so that we can give you the skills for a specific task. Our course directors will liaise with you prior to commencement of the course to establish the parameters for learning that you and your team require. Our focus, and the focus of our trainers will be to achieve the results you and your company are looking for.

Tailored content

Work directly with the trainer to develop a course that exactly meets your team’s requirements.


The in-house nature of bespoke training means your team can talk frankly and openly about specific sensitive problems you face.


Hold the course at a convenient time or when you need it. Spread the training over one day or a longer two day session.

One 2 one experience

There will be one training expert per company, giving a complete one 2 one experience.

Smaller class sizes

With a maximum of 10 delegates allowed on the course giving the trainer more time to spend with each delegate ensuring that their individual needs are met.

Build your bespoke training course

Course Length

One Day (£245)
Two Days (£395)

Select from the list of modules below to build your course. More modules across a single day will mean less in depth training, while fewer modules will be more specialised.

CAME Foundation Level

Frog Underground Swing Gate Motor
Amico Worm Drive Swing Gate Motor
Fast40 Articulated Swing Gate Motor
ZA3N 230V Control Panel
ZF4 Fast40 Internal Control Board
Delta-E Photocells
T432EE Remotes
AF43S Plug In Frequency Card

CAME Advanced Level

Frog-AE Underground Motor with Encoder
Frog-AE24V Underground Motor with Encoder
Axo Worm Drive Motor with Physical Built-in Stops
BX10 Sliding Gate Motor with Obstacle Detection
BK800 Sliding Gate Motor with Mechanical Stops
ZM3E 230V Control Panel
ZLJ24 24V Control Panel
ZBK Internal Control Panel
Delta-SE Photocells
T432EE Remotes
AF43S Plug In Frequency Card

EN Safety Training

Understanding the Machinery Directives and EN Standards
Undertaking Risk Assessments Before Installation
UK and Ireland Safety Law Localisation and Industry Latest
Swing Gate Installation - Achieving EN Compliance
Sliding Gate Installation - Achieving EN Compliance
Barrier Installation - Achieving EN Compliance
How to Complete a Force Test Evaluation
Documentation, What you need to keep in your Technical File
Installation Handover, Guidelines and Documentation
Safety Edge Specification and Use
Safety Solution E
Periodic Maintenance and On-Going Servicing

CAME Connect

Users, account profiles, ownership and interconnectivity between 3 account types
Using CAME Connect to interface with other devices
Setting alerts and notifications for Installers and Users
Remote diagnostics and system maintenance
Transmitter Management and Supervisor account function
Creating and using User scenarios
First time connectivity, Gateway registration and firmware updating
Account creation, platform navigation, professional app navigation and user app connectivity
System overview, architecture and hardware solutions

Traffic Access

Gard8 Road Barrier
Gard3 Road Barrier for Intensive Use
Luxor Pneumatic Retractable Bollard
Generation6 Automatic Retractable Bollard
ZL38 24V Internal Barrier Control Panel
ZL30 24V Internal Control Panel for the Gard3
U200 230V Bollard Technical Control Centre
AF43S Pug-In Radio Frequency Card
T432EE Remotes
SMA 24V Magnetic Sensors
Installing Induction Loop

BPT Audio Systems

System 200 Audio
X1 Audio Systems
GSM PSTN Entry Systems

BPT X1 Video

X1 System Componets Overview
X1 Cabling and Equipment Connection
X1 Manual and Software System Programming

BPT XIP Entry Solutions

XiP System Components Overview
XiP Cabling and Equipment Connection
XiP System Configuration Theory
XiP Apple IOS/Android/Microsoft Integration
XiP Managed Systems (Including Switchboards)
XiP AV Integration (Crestron/AMX)
XiP Advance Software Programming

Crestron Integration

Crestron System Components Overview
Crestron Cabling and Equipment Connection
Crestron System Configuration Theory
Crestron Apple IOS/Android/Microsoft Integration
Crestron Managed Systems (including Switchboards)
Crestron IP Integration
Crestron Advance Software Programming


X-AIR System Componets Overview
X-AIR Cabling and Equipment Connection
X-AIR System Configuration Theory
X-AIR Apple IOS/Android/Microsoft Intergration
X-AIR 3rd Party Integration
X-AIR Advance Software Programming

BPT System Maintenance

System 200 Video Equipment
System 300 Video Equipment
Fault Finding
Software and Programming

IMPRO Access Control Training

Uniscan and Flexiscan
Portal Lite
Portal Pro
Portal Enterprise
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