A brand new future

From Multi Brand to Global Brand, a journey to reach a world of new opportunities, a single great CAME, both worldwide and at home. An evolution with new ways of interpreting the world of automation, through the four laws of Human Automation which portray a new concept of automation, a new quality of life designed for people, because it is made by peopleby all of us. A Group made up of many parts, united by one goal: to supply technological solutions that guarantee convenience, security and performance in all public and private settings. A Group whose common goal is stronger than individual specialization, one which is enriched by diversity, to be one great team. A great Global Company.


The perfect connection between man and technology allows us to place people and their well-being at the centreof everything.


We help people to automate residential, public and urban environments, and make the areas smarter through integrated technological solutions that guarantee convenience, security and performance.


We are a multinational leader in integrated-technologysolutions for automationthatcreates smart spaces for peoples’ well-being.

The 4 laws of human automation.

When a Group made up of many branches decides to speak to the world with one voice, it must take great care over its tone, message and audience.Knowing that being united is greater than the sum of its parts, and that the future is stronger, when its built on solid values.